Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: A Breast-Fest, Batman and Befuddlement

As grandpa always told us, ‘News is infinitely more palatable when it has BOOBS ON.’ (The old bastard’s ogling penchant inspired some spectacular nightmares when we came across -wonderfully raunch-tastic pun intended- one of his copies of Promiscuous and Busty Octogenarians Monthly. To paraphrase Quasimodo, The sagginess! The sagginess! Ancient orbs trailing, gravity-beset, across the floor in gastropod fashion is quite dramatically un-sexy.) Fortuitously, then, the accumulation of this week’s nerdy news has adopted a most gratifying erotic bent.

Above, heed the wholesome tale of developer Kenichiro Takaki, known by the wonderful moniker ‘the Huge Boob producer’ for his buxom gaming proclivities; as he demands interactive hologram boobage in the future of video gaming. Elsewhere in the gallery, we admire some x-rated shenanigans at a Japanese comic show and metamorphose a rich bastard’s home into a Batcave.

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