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Fox Hunt: Another Frontline Missive from the Gamer Girls Boob-arama Bounty

Our strenuous research into the gaming habits of womenfolk everywhere endures. The latest manifestation? Pants are stringently prohibited. (Fortuitously, this rule does not apply to the fat bastard in our local arcade, who implements a complement of aides to heft cheeseburgers into his ravenous maw as he plays.) We'll concede that this became plain some months ago, yet we continue to ponderously pore over the evidence. At night. With one hand in our special place. We are men of science, after all.

Today's installment brings us paradisical pert posteriors, a Lara Croft cosplay facsimile with her scarcely-fettered bosoms valiantly bidding to escape their fabric encumberment, and other visual vicissitudes on the sextastic concept. Kudos abound to the guy with a camera in such ludicrous proximity to his ladyfriend's ass, we'd venture that he can see what she ate for breakfast. Exercise all due deference with the gallery above, lest you bruise yourself.

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