Former Cast Members Scramble for 'Star Trek 2' Roles But Let's See Who Should Return

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Star Trek 2 is still almost a year away from release, but speculation among fans of casting and characters has been running rampant since the end credits rolled on the first film in 2008. We know at least two Star Trek alumni who also wished they could get in on the action.

Scott Bakula, who played Commander Jonathan Archer on the short-lived Enterprise (who was name dropped briefly by Scotty in the 2008 film), and The Next Generation's Marinia Sirkis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi aboard the Enterprise for the run of the series and in all four of its crews films, both expressed massive interest in making appearances in Star Trek 2.

While it's very unlikely either actor or their characters will make appearances in the J.J. Abrams film next summer, check the gallery for some former Star Trek characters we want to see in the sequel. And look at the video below for a clip of the one scene from TOS we want recreated in the new one. 

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