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Fliz is the Bike Without Pedals or a Seat--Say What? (VIDEO)

Imagine a bike without the seat and the pedals, and you've got yourself the Fliz. It's gone viral the past couple days mainly because it's the wonkiest-looking bike the world has ever seen. In fact, I'm not even sure why it's being called a bike because aside from a slight resemblance

As you can see, the Fliz is a cross between a bike and a walker of sorts that provides a 'comfortable, ergonomic ride between running and biking.' While it may actually be ergonomic, it doesn't look the slightest bit comfortable.

So here's how it works: you strap yourself on to the Fliz, you run to to gain some momentum, then tuck your feet while the Fliz continues to move forward. Imagine what a nightmare this thing is going to be when you're going uphill. And I don't see any brakes either, so this could actually be a design for disaster if you attempt to go downhill.

Either way, the Fliz is currently gunning for the regional James Dyson Award in Germany. Let's just hope it doesn't actually get made and sold in the future.

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