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Final Fantasy Characters in PS All-Stars Battle Royale? Here Are Our Picks!

There's been a lot of talk about who the remaining characters could be in the PS All-Stars Battle Royale roster. So far, the roster has seen characters from all over the Playstation universe, new and old but one series that has yet to be included is Final Fantasy. Sure, it started on Nintendo but Squaresoft jumped over to Playstation for their titles once the original console came out (Final Fantasy VII anyone?).

At Superbot Entertainment's Gamescon panel, Omar Kendell was asked if we'd see any Final Fantasy characters would be revealed for the game's roster of fighters, to which he replied 'you'll just have to stay tuned. We haven't announced a Final Fantasy character yet, but stay tuned'. Cryptic as usual, the message reveals no confirmations of anything but that 'YET' has many fans clinging to hope.

With a rich history of well told stories, Final Fantasy has quite a cast of colorful characters that could all easily represent the entire series proudly, which is what made it so hard to narrow it down to just six...

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