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Ellen Hoog of the Dutch Women's Field Hockey Team Strips Down for FHM

It's no secret that we've fallen deep in lust with the entire Dutch Women's Field Hockey team, we have a bucket full of little blue pills and damp rags here that says we can make our way through the entire lineup with our personal hockey sticks ever dropping.

But, as teams go, we must also dissect some of our favorites amid the gaggle of girl athletes. We've already paid singular homage to Sophie Polkamp, and, now, Ellen Hoog, who is not only completely Hoog-able, but also put herself on display in her native land's FHM magazine.

And, yes, granted, there's a decent chance many of be-lusted field hockey players might hit the grass on their same side of the playing field, if you know what I'm saying, but that doesn't mean we're not going to try and mow their lawns. Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReaders 'Johnny D.' and 'Mike O'C' for this delicious Dutch treat.)

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