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Dwight Howard to the Lakers Talks are Back On

I guess the Los Angeles Lakers really want Dwight Howard, and that's completely understandable because he's a great player. The latest talks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo, is that Lakers are engaged in four-way talks. All the moving parts don't need to be mentioned here, you can read Woj for that, but the main parts are a bit shocking.

Andrew Bynum would end up in Philadelphia, while Pau Gasol would go to Orland and Howard, of course, would be a Laker. Nothing is imminent, according to the report, but the talks are still going on and have been for about a week.

I could understand moving Bynum or Gasol to team Howard up with the one who remained in L.A., but moving both of them seems odd. Howard could make up the slack, and the Lakers would supposedly be Al Harrington from Denver, but he's no Gasol.

That said, this deal will probably go through in the next 48 hours because the Lakers are seemingly obsessed with making it happen.

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