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Dishonored Screenshots Are Making Things a Bit Clearer

The breadth and scope of some of Bethesda's most popular games can be a bit intimidating to me. The upcoming Dishonored may end up being yet another "go anywhere, do everything" kind of experience as well and may ultimately end up being on my must play list anyway thanks to all of the emerging details. We still have the basic story of Corvo trying to get to the bottom of who framed him in a world that looks like a displaced vision of 19th century England, but seeing more and more screens is adding quite a bit to the old excite-o-meter.

The art style depicted in the earliest screens was nice but wasn't giving anywhere near the details we're getting now. I like the level of detail and the lengths to which Dishonored is going to create this unique and believable time and place. Throwing powers and weapons around this world is going to be fun.

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