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Cyber Puppies: The Best (and worst) Video Game Racks

Here's an odd little confection for your delectation. The Ghost of Oglers Past (vehement apologies to Charles Dickens) informs us that GameFront created an archive of The Greatest Boobs in Gaming History last year. Conversely, a scant few months ago, Cracked parried with a contrary concept, The 14 Worst Boobs in Video Game History. Akin uninspiring titles apiece, we were dismayed to discover that there was little deviation between both archives. A selection of the most voluptuous virtual vixens make an appearance in both, it's like a whacked-out jaunt into Alice's Wonderland. ("Your tits are fabulous!" The Red Queen enthused, "and also terrible.Fabuble! Terrilous!" We did drink rather heavily in our youth, so we are, conceivably, misremembering the quotation.)

As such, we haven't specified which list the above gallery's occupants originated from (a couple are patently obvious, but we shan't be pernickety). Safe in the knowledge that there are no more proficient connoisseurs of the fine female form than the Ego-readers, we invite you to conduct a little perusal-powered ‘research' and draw your own conclusions. A little like ACTUAL SCIENCE, with nipples on.

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