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College Football Starts Tonight So Let's Pick the National Champions Today

Imagine my surprise when Egotastic! editor-in-chief Bill Swift stumbles into the office today and asks, 'College football starts tonight, right?' I said, 'Yes, yes it does Bill.' He stares at me for a few seconds, reeking of root beer schnapps and says, 'Have you ranked the top ten yet?' I tell Bill that kind of thing takes people dedicating a lot of time and effort and research into all the teams, who they play, and a whole bunch of other factors that go into ranking the college football teams.

I kind of look at him, he tries to focus on me, and there's this awkward silence for a few seconds, and I explain that no I haven't done rankings, and really, I'm not sure I'm qualified to do that and then he interrupts me. 'Predict the BCS Bowl matchups and title game.' And then he just kind of walks off. More like weaves off, but that's besides the point.

Not wanting to have to deal with Bill on his soon to be arriving mid-morning hangover, I checked out the rankings and decided on a mostly random pick of who will play whom when BCS Bowl time comes. So with a little help from Jerry Palm and his preview on, let's do this!

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