Coco Hangs Lips and Cheeks Out of Her Silver Swimsuit

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It's kind of like seeing the Silver Surfer turn into a mass of lady parts and smoosh them all into an undersized lycra swimsuit, then take the entire show and put it out in public in New York City to make sure every eyeball in the borough is glued to what might flash next.

Our friend Coco definitely is one of a kind. For those who love the super curvy ladies, I can't imagine you doing much else but inspecting each and every one of these photos with a magnifying glass -- that is a your magnifying glass, right? It's like an exhibition of bodily freedom, with that freedom comes one lip slip and cheek protrusion and boob spill over at a time. It's almost like watching Mother Earth form into an inhabitable planet, but in rapid time. Something very fecund about this whole scene. Enjoy.

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