Candice Swanepoel Swimsuit Pictures Crank Necks and Potentially Injure Other Body Parts

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Candice Swanepoelstepped away from the Victoria's Secret mothership to lend her bodily assets to Agua de Coco swimswear to produce on of our new favorite Candice pictorials.

If there's one thing Candice does well, it's look amazing in a swimsuit. I know women always complain about how it's so hard to find swimsuits that fit them right, but somehow everything they put on Candice seems to fit her like a perfectly revealing glove. We all have our innate talents, for Candice, it's looking efffin' amazing in a bathing suit, which I'm guessing has proved more lucrative to her than my talent of being able to whistle through my eye socket. She probably does beter at parties too. Enjoy.

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