Candice Swanepoel Hot and Sweaty Behind the Scenes of Her Elle Photoshoot

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There are few women we lust in this world more than the South African model-princess Candice Swanepoel, who in lingerie or swimsuits or fashions, or better yet, out of all of them, just continues to develop new ways to make herself hotter and hotter.

Case in point, Candice's photoshoot for Elle Brazil, a magazine not normally known for guy friendly photos, but you get an ogle behind the scenes of the photoshoot and suddenly you have Candice looking all kinds of wicked hot and making you wish you were her lowly towel boy, responsible for dabbing any of the moist spots should they appear from her work in tropic environs. Honestly, I wouldn't even use a towel to perform such dabbing, I'd use my... well, you can guess. And, enjoy.

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