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Britney Spears Bikini Pics Herself to Prove She's Hot Once More

'Take that!' says Britney Spears to her detractors who say she's gotten lumpy and soft since her mental and career breakdowns of a few years ago.

The Mouseketeer turned red hot diva turned crazy-ass chick with a gun turned back to worldwide recording artist wants the world to know she's hardly ready to give up her crown, such as it may be, as she posted a stunning hot picture of herself in a white bikini at the beach over the weekend.

Personally, we've never stopped with our Britney dreams, even during the heightened lunacy periods, but, then, we do have a thing for paranoid delusional girls with shaved heads, we never really would've lost our virginity if it weren't for that category of wacky women. But, we know many of you need more convincing, so check out Britney's latest pic and see if you're ready to let the lust back in. Enjoy.

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