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Blake Lively Still Cleavy Leggy Hot on Set of 'Gossip Girl'

Our lust for Blake Lively can survive pretty much anything. Anti-Blake folks out there who think she's not all that. The fact that she's on a TV show that you'd have to pluck our toenails out to make us watch, and even then it'd be a 50-50 proposition. Serving for a while as beard for Leo DiCaprio. All of that. Forget it, our lust was there in the beginning, and when we got to see her topless cell phone pics, well, the deal was sealed.

So, yes, our pot is stirred when we catch Blake flashing some chest and legs on the set of Gossip Girl, a reminder of our painful longing to be loin-to-loin with the sextastic blonde, and, the rest of the world be damned. The Do Not Disturb sign is hanging. Enjoy.

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