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Before We Blast Off to Mars, Let's Explain the Messed Up Stuff About Earth First

Look, I admit that I got all caught up in the Mars Curiosity landing just like every other person in America. And yes, even I now have a crush on that NASA guy with the mohawk. So clearly I have a heart. But what are we going to Mars to learn about? The rocks? Look, we got plenty of rocks right here. I've got a bunch in my backyard I've been looking for someone to move if you know of anybody.

What about all the stuff to learn about here on Earth? Are we saying we're done? We've got it all down? I don't think so. Before we spend a couple billion to learn about some dust on a planet 350 million miles away, maybe we should spend that money to solve some of the mysteries still left here at home. Come on rocket scientists, get your head out of the clouds.

Check out the gallery for some mysterious phenomenon scientists still can't explain here on Earth.

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