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Awesome Life-Sized Go-Kart Built Entirely Using LEGO (VIDEO)

Go-karts are awesome enough as they are. But go-karts made entirely out of LEGO? If you managed to put one together, then you will have made the dreams of millions of kids (and kids at heart) come true.

It seems like that's what LEGO extraordinaire Eric Steenstra did. It's still a rough prototype of sorts, since you can't really steer it and it doesn't go that fast. But hey, it's a go-kart, it's made completely out of LEGO, and it works.

Since it's built using LEGO, you can't really expect that thing to seat an adult. But hey, at least the kids can still have their fun. Steenstra explains that it's still a 'work in progress,' so maybe he'll do something about the capacity, speed, and steering in due time. Steenstra doesn't give a step-by-step instruction on how he built this thing, but you can check out some build pictures over at this link.

Maybe something much faster next time, yeah?

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