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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back In the First 'The Last Stand' Trailer

Get ready for a slew of 'I'm back' references as Ah-nold's first starring role since leaving gubernatorial office as the Governor of California finally has a trailer. Loaded with action, a ridiculous amount of semi-automatic rifle fire and at least one quip from Arnold talking about how old he is, it's pretty much what you'd expect from an Arnold movie. And it's about time.

Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sheriff of the quiet US border town of Sommerton Junction after leaving the LAPD following a bungled operation. Following his escape from the FBI, a notorious drug baron, his gang, and a hostage are heading toward Sommerton Junction where the police are preparing to make a last stand to intercept them before they cross the border. Owens is reluctant to become involved but ultimately joins in with the law enforcement efforts.

The Last Stand also stars Peter Stormare and Johnny Knoxville and hits theaters January 13, 2013

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