Arnie's Back! Here Are Schwarzenegger's Greatest Movie Moments Ever!

Yesterday we premiered the trailer for a little film called The Last Stand which you can check out here. It's due to be with us in January and looks distinctly average. So what's the point in mentioning it to you good, good people? Well, it's star is a certain Arnold Schwarzenegger and it is his first leading role since Terminator 3:Ris of the Machines a decade ago.

Now of course, Arnie isn't a young man anymore and at the age of 65 will struggle to jump, leap and kill like he used to. But let's not think about that, let's rejoice with the news that he is back amongst us again!

And to remind us why we're so excited here are the 5 greatest movie moments from his long and illustrious career.

"I'll be back" - Three little words that launched his career. Would he have been so huge without them? Probably as The Terminator was an absolutely blindingly great piece of cinema. But it was his nonchalant delivery accompanied by him destroying and killing every police officer he came across that made this utterance so popular.

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