An All-Female 'Expendables' Sequel? It Would Be Like 'The View', But With More Knife Fights

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When The Expendables blasted into cinemas back in 2010 it divided critics and audiences alike. Stallone's explosive 90 minute joy ride was so bombastic and intense that it forgot to have any semblance of a plot, which most action fans didn't give a damn about! They just wanted to see Sly, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and Arnie on screen together!

So of course, when the movie made quite a huge chunk of change a sequel was always going to be ordered and after hitting cinemas last Friday it's safe to say that it is much of the same. Not that we are complaining!

But now rumour has it that a new female version of these elderly vigilantes is in pre-production! If it's true, we're pretty excited because there is nothing sexier than a women holding a gun! Who would be the dream cast for this feminine rehash of The Expendables?

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