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Amy Childs Uses Her Big Ta-Tas to Sell Her Celebrity Stank

Kind of torn on this one. We're tempted to buy anything that is sold by way of big boob promotion. You put a pair of oversized melons out there for us to leer, and we barely realize we're pulling our wallets from our pockets to purchase.

Then again, we have a zealous aversion to all things celebrity odoriferous. The world needs more celebrity perfumes like it needs more wars or more Justin Biebers. Not so much.

Still, give effort points for Amy Childs for flashing her large ripe chest puppies in support of her personal aromatic. I have no idea what this eau d' toilette smells like, but unless the perfume causes me full delusion of motorboating those Amy Childs mammaries, I'm not plunking down my shekels. Enjoy.

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