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Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets Deeper in New Developer Diary (VIDEO)

As much as I adore the film, I had no idea that the critters in Aliens are properly known as xenos. This is the kind of thing we're supposed to be learning from the developer diary series for SEGA's Aliens: Colonial Marines. And that's just what we're getting in today's second installment of the series.

Of course, now that I know the proper name for the aliens, I will be sure to  never ever refer to them using that proper name. I've gone all this time since 1987 not calling them xenos that to do so now would somehow be disrespecting that part of my childhood. They were slobber-mouthed aliens then and they still are. Just let me play as Sgt Apone --played by the great Al Matthews, a Marine in real life-- and we'll be all good, SEGA.

If Sgt Apone was your favorite colonial marine in Aliens let us know on Facebook. If not, let us know on Facebook.

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