Adele Silva Bikini Pictures for the Hottest Kind of British Invasion

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Not all child actresses grow up to trouble, some just grow up to be super fine mature thespianics. Take for example Adele Silva, the London native who started on Britty TV as a kid and continues to shine her big sextastic on the boob tube to this day as one of our classic favorites on the soap, Emmerdale.

Oh, and we did mention that she's hot. And well-endowed in the English buxom kind of awesome way, all of which she was showing off in a wicked hot and cleavetastic body way at the beach in Santa Monica, with a cheeky smile, and cheeky, well, cheeks, that made us want to practice that fake British accent we've been trying to perfect now for years to sound more intelligent. Still getting there. As for Adele Silva, already arrived, parked, and planted firmly in our libidos. A dazzler! Enjoy.

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