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A Triceratops Tractor? Now That Isn't Something You See On the Streets Every Day (VIDEO)

How often do you see a Triceratops tractor chugging down the road in your normally peaceful and tranquil neighborhood? Try never. But the folks down at Shoreditch, London were in for an abnormally huge and awesome treat when they found one cruising along quietly on a particularly empty street.

Coincidence? I think not. I'd be pretty iffy about meeting roads with a pre-historic creature, even if it's obviously man-made (and man-driven.) The tractor and the video above which features close-up views of the monster has gone viral, but so far, few have the dirt on who made the tractor and why they decided to build it in the first place (although, you know, it could be because it was just plain awesome!)

This Triceratops tractor was painted army green and was fully made out of metal. The head even turns this way and that, albeit robotically, just as the triceratops of yesterday used to do.

Hit 'play' above to see the tractor in action. Go ahead; we know you want to. We also know you'd probably want one of these bad boys for yourself. But don't worry, we'll dig around and get back to you when we get more information on this big, green monster!

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