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A Mean Girl and a Girl With a Dragon Tattoo Get Sapphic in 'Passion' Trailer (VIDEO)

Hm? What's all this? Rachel McAdamsand Noomi Rapacegetting a little close in the new trailer for Brian De Palma's Passion? Now how did you know what was on my Christmas list this year?

Set in and around Paris, France, the story revolves around two women who work in a multinational corporation. Christine (McAdams) is an experienced, ruthless, and emotionally sadistic business executive who enjoys using and betraying people for her own twisted enjoyment. Isabelle (Rapace) is Christine's young, ambitious and intelligent administrative assistant who regularly suffers from professional and personal humiliations at the hands of Christine who takes credit for her business ideas as well as makes implied threats against her without actually confronting her directly.

From the look of the trailer, Brian De Palma learned a thing or two from watching Black Swan, when you're going to make a twisty psychological drama, some girl-on-girl action puts asses in the seats.

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