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A Beverly Hills Cop TV Show Is On The Way! Here Are 5 Other Movie Adaptations That Ended Up On The Small Screen

It's been close to two decades since Axel Foley graced our screens with Beverley Hills Cop III, but various murmurs and rumours have circulated that Eddie Murphy's most endearing character might return to our screens in the near future. But no-one predicted that it would be on television! The Shield creator Shawn Ryan is working together with Murphy to write up his pitch for the networks with it still yet to find a home.

Murphy has stated that it will involve Axel's son alongside Foley himself who will have a recurring role as the police chief in Detroit. That might not be the case anymore but it's certainly fun to imagine.

I think we all know how the theme song will go. To help it along the way, here are 5 other movie adaptations that ended up on the small screen.

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