Zahia Dehar Sports a Dress So Short Her Cheeks Shine in St. Tropez

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Consider this a weird, but ironic vision: when we saw French teen prostitute turned lingerie fashion designer Zahia Dehar in St. Tropez in a butt cheek flashing short dress, from the side we first thought it was our oft-covered life's vacationer Victoria Silvstedtpulling another flesh flash in the Mediterranean hotspot. Could be the big blonde hair, the curvaceous body, the style of revealing dress, or the professional-working lady connection, or all of the above.

Nevertheless, we happen to dig Zahia Dehar, so we're happy it's her cheeks were ogling this morning here. A young woman who rose up out of scandal to not shy away from her sexuality, but flaunt it both personally and in her lingerie designing work. It's all so very French, and kind of perversely hot that when you throw in Zahia's extraordinarily S-shaped body, you have a real story to tell (and watch).

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