Why You Should Delete These Apps From Your iPhone, Right Now

Most people I know are app hoarders. They're the type who download those 'Free App A Day' apps, so they constantly download programs they won't really use in the first place.

So, first thing's first: guys, just because an app is free doesn't mean you should download it. Really. If your phone's currently full of apps that you can't even download a new one without deleting one of them, then it's high time you did an appventory (sorry, couldn't resist) and got rid of all the apps you don't want or even need.

What apps should you delete?

  • The ones you only downloaded just because they're free. (Yes, this one is worth mentioning again.)
  • The ones you haven't used in the last six months. (Make that three months, if you're up for it.)
  • The ones that seem buggy when you use them. I think it's pretty obvious why you should get rid of these. In fact, get rid of them first.
  • The ones that you downloaded for other people who you won't be seeing much of anymore (like your ex-girlfriend, for that matter.)

Here's why you should delete them:

  • They take up space on your phone. Valuable space that you can otherwise use for music, video, or image files.
  • They slow down your phone. It's not your iPhone that's buggy; it's all those apps running in the background that's slowing things down.
  • They can access your data, since you installed them. But why would you let apps you aren't using get access to your information? Doesn't make sense.
  • It makes your phone disorganized. And messy. Enough said.

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