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Did Chris Nolan Know How 'The Dark Knight' Series Would End Years Ago?

The Prestige has something of a tricky reputation among Christopher Nolan fans. It's one of those love it or hate it movies that upon its release in 2006 had some scratching their heads, some left in awe and even others ironically remarking, 'I doubt he'll ever make another movie with Michael Caine.' Whether or not it is the one black spot in Nolan's resume, what can't be denied about the film, or more specifically by the somewhat-famous monologue made by Sir Michael himself at the start of the film, is that it has an eerie, prescient quality when held up against the over-arching plot of the entire Dark Knight series.

Did Nolan hide an easter egg of Gotham-sized proportions into the dialogue of The Prestige? Could his mind really be as labyrinthine as one of Ariadne's mazes from Inception that he can calculate his moves years in advance? Or is it just a strange coincidence? Listen to Michael Caine explain the three acts of a magic trick in the video below and judge for yourself.

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