Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Continue The Vacation Known as Her Life

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Ah, to be hot and Swedish and stacked and have no qualms about using your booty to get kept. I swear, in my next life, I'm living like Victoria Silvstedt, from yacht to yacht, beach to beach, flabby old billionaire penis to... well, maybe I'll skip the last part, but the life of a super hot woman with skills in and out of the bedroom certainly seems nice on the surface.

The former Playmate of the Year was back at her business of pleasure in a little white bikini off the coast of Monaco this weekend, jet-skiing, sunbathing, and learning new ways to fellate her wealthy boyfriend even faster so she can have more relaxation time on deck of the good ship Lollipop Sucker. You need only take one (or a thousand) looks at Victoria's bikini body to know that she's earning her keep. Enjoy.

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