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Trailer for 'Dinosaurs vs. Aliens' Unveiled! (VIDEO)

We've got cowboys fighting off aliens and giant monsters attacking humans in robot suits. So dinosaurs tussling with aliens doesn't seem like a very far-off notion now, does it?

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is a novel storyline that's going to be turned into a motion picture very, very soon. Set in the pre-historic era, the mightiest creatures that once roamed the earth will be fighting against extra-terrestrials who look as crazy and as massive as they do. The prize? Earth. The winner? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see when the movie makes its way to theaters.

The first trailer for Dinosaurs vs. Aliens has just been released. Check it out in the player above and see some of your childhood fantasies come to life.

Originally, I came up with a concept, which is 'What would happen if aliens invaded Earth 65 million years ago and the dinosaurs had to defend Earth against this alien invasion?' That was the initial idea.

-- Barry Sonnenfeld, director

Two versions of the story are planned: one will be told through the movie, and the other, through a graphic novel. Working with Sonnenfeld on the project is Grant Morrison, who will be working on the graphic novel adaptation.

Are you ready for the biggest battle for Earth?

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