The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: E is for ECTOPLASM and Gaming’s Greatest Ghosts

To seamlessly segue back to the terror-infused stylings of the last entry (a canny ruse to deceive you into the mistaken notion that there is a modicum of planning involved here. As opposed to taking a dictionary our flamboyantly homosexual kitten Mr. Popplecrump has pissed on, splaying it pages akimbo on the desk, propelling a fleck of catshit in its direction with a fingernail, and being inexorably bound to the word that it strikes. That was once proffered by a college professor in our youth as a creative writing exercise, but we’ll pay that old drunk bastard no mind), ghosts are the irreverent subject du jour. Adored by games developers, horror aficionados and small trick or treating urchins pestering strangers for candy in lieu of a tiny-yet-angry-fist-to-the-kneecap alike; the adult gaming experience would be sadly bereft without them.

As such, here’s our selection of the cream of the corpse-tastic crop. Freakish Fatal Frame apparitions with upside down faces? Ginger beards floating five feet in the air, as though of their own volition? You don’t want to miss the madness, our wanton click-happy brethren!