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Texas A&M Introduces Itself to New SEC Rivals in an Interesting Way

This has been making the rounds today, and I'm admittedly a little late getting to this, but wow is it worth the couple of minutes to watch. Texas A&M is moving to the SEC this year. And being the courteous people that they are, they thought it would be a nice gesture to have some students shoot a video, along with the school president, showing how excited they are to be joining such a powerful athletic conference.

For some reason after the video was posted to the school's official Youtube page, it was pulled down pretty quickly, according to SB Nation. Maybe it was the not-so-stellar acting, or maybe it was the butchering of the school's name by their president. Whatever the reason, it really doesn't matter. Because we all know that once something goes on the internet, it never really goes away.

So enjoy the video. Over and over. There's even bloopers at the end.

via SBNation

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