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South Park: The Stick of Truth Prods You with New Screens

Somebody somewhere at E3 quipped that South Park: The Stick of Truth looked pretty good in the graphics department when it was revealed. To which I responded with my trademarked smirk that communicates a sense of ridicule and pity but with a smug aftertaste. You'd know this look if you ever see it. Anyway, South Park doesn't look good on Comedy Central every week and really, it can't look good as a video game. It would ruin the experience if the boys went all 3D or moved like modern animated characters.

The jittery cutout look is going to be in the upcoming video game but that's not as important as the humor, sound effects and surrounding story. That is where the folks at Obsidian have to make this thing sing, fart and swear to a level that sustains it as interactive entertainment. Everybody remembers what happened with that ill-fated four-player co-op Simpson's game from 1991.

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