Seeing Kirsten Dunst Reminds Me That I've Still Got a Thing for Kirsten Dunst

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Okay, so maybe she could use a little time in the sun, and maybe a bit hippy-chick, but I don't think we'll ever lose our lustful passion for blonde Bring It On cheerleader Kirsten Dunst and her floppy Dunst-puppies.

Seeing Kirsten Dunst heading out of the store in shorts here in L.A. reminded me of all the naughty things I ever wanted to cover her body in from her toes to her innocently seductive smile, not to mention the undying adoration we feel for any and all of the small number of American actresses willing to do topless scenes in movies still. Brave, pale hot, and fantasy-inducing. I'll still take Kirsten Dunst. Enjoy.

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