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Scarlett Johansson Bikini Pics on a Motherf***ing Boat off the Coast of Italy

Okay, first, forgive us the sight of the dude next to her but those two were tightly entwined the entire time our telescopic lenses were shooting them from the coastal lookout point along The Boot. We couldn't remove him, which is to us a 100% sign that somebody is knocking boots. And that somebody happens to be bumping uglies with Scarlett Johanssonwho was out sunbathing in a bikini atop the forecastle of this particular yacht, entwined in this other man's proximity. And we would do pretty much anything to see Scarlett in a bikini.

The curvaceous young actress has been laying low since her big Avengers promo time earlier this summer, and I suppose where she's been laying is on this boat in Italy, or across this dude, because she looks hella relaxed, like a woman unwound. Consider me beyond jealous. Enjoy.

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