Roxanne Pallett Hot Lady in Red Walking to Premiere of 'Magic Mike'

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We do so love our British soap opera hotties, too many to count on our fingers and toes, but we definitely use the caste system on the female cast members of these shows and brunette bombshell Roxanne Pallett from Emmerdale definitely resides in the upper echelon, conveniently located directly to the right of our rubber-matted throne.

Roxanne was decked out in a can't-miss red slit dress the other night to attend the London premiere of the male stripper movie Magic Mike (not seen, wouldn't admit it if I had) and traffic stopped for her along the way, not because of the bright red dress, but that stop sign hot body that just demands a park and whistle.

Oh, Jo Sugden, we do so lust. Enjoy.

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