Rosie Jones Birthday Bash Concludes With a Bevy of World-Saving Boobtastic

Click to See Rosie on Roller Skates

Well, if you haven’t fapped yourself into the next life this week leading up to the big birthday today, you’re on board to wish a happy 22nd birthday to one of our favorite glamour models on the face of this occasionally blue planet, Rosie Jones, just a Middlesex vixen and a half, with plenty of sextastic to spare.

I feel like we’ve watched Rosie grow up before our leering eyes, though we’ve had the benefit of doing most of the growing, as Rosie was clearly chest-primed and ready for prime time well before we were ever really allowed to show her to you in her full goodness.

We’re quite convinced that if every man had a woman like Rosie Jones waiting for him at home, in say, a cut off shirt and a pair of short shorts, he’d never ever want to go to war. Happy Birthday, Rosie.

Check out one of our favorite BTS videos of Rosie Jones cosplay exhibitionism: