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Rihanna Poses and Preens in White Swimsuit off the Coast of France

We'd love to someday, or just for some minutes, live the life of the yachting class off of St. Tropez, look out on our forecastle, beneath our topsail, and see the sight of Bajan diva Rihanna stretched out in a tight swimsuit flattering us with her flattering figure. From there, the dream beelines into a few too many cocktails, Rihanna stripping off that swimsuit below decks, and a Costco sized jar of Nutella that is used for purposes you'll never see in a commercial. Oh, Rihanna does taste nuttery good tonight.

Snapping back to reality, somebody far richer, far more charming, though not nearly as earnest us us, did manage to get Rihanna to pose for him in her skin tight white bathing suit. And while we've seen more skin from Rihanna in the past, even the past few days, we can never get passed the fact that we really want to shtup the shnozz out of her. Enjoy.

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