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Olympic Hotties Profile: The Best of Beach Volleyball Behinds

I don't need to ask, I know you've been gluing your eyeballs to the girls of Olympics women's beach volleyball this past weekend. Women's beach volleyball is a sport all the uppity IOC members scoffed at, until they realized just how many millions of viewers more they would get for their Badminton and Equestrian games if they could just find sports that interested dudes. And they done found it.

Thankfully, despite the London Olympics push to get the ladies of beach volleyball to cover up their bikini bottoms, most of the two-girl teams have declined such encouragement and are continuing to bump, set, and spike in the sand whilst flashing their delightfully delicious world-class and hard-worked keesters. You spend several hours in the day leaping out of the sand, you're going to get a mighty fine butt. We're not sure who had the brilliant idea of telling these girls to cover their dumpers with more clothes, but that person ought to be beheaded at the Tower of London. Enjoy.

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