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Natalia Sewiec Plays Playstation Vita Upside Down, Gamers Marvel

With a big tip of our hats to the boys at Kotaku, we present Natalia Sewiec. Our Polish isn't what it used to be but it seems Natalia did a shoot featuring the PS Vita, recently, and was so in to it that neither the model nor the photographer noticed that she was holding the handheld gaming console upside down.

We're not going to say she was holding it incorrectly because there's no telling what part of PS Vita entertainment she was enjoying. Maybe somebody sent her a message that read "07734" and, after an embarrassing few moments, Natalia realized that there's only one way to read such a message. The joy at having figured out such a complicated puzzle is clearly written all over her face in this shoot.

Now, why there are so many shots of Natlia holding the PS Vita upside down? That's a good question. Maybe she's trying think of an upside down response to send.

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