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Miranda Kerr Drop Dead Cotton Sexy in New Promo for Victoria's Secret (VIDEO)

Every year in July or thereabouts we get another OMFG visual moment courtesy of the uber-sextastic Miranda Kerrand her ridiculously hot video promos for the Victoria's Secret 'Cotton' lingerie line. It's been going on for a few years now, like an annual holiday you look forward to but not for the dressing up, but the dressing down.

Sure, you can take your silks and satins, but all good Egotastic! men, and our quite virulent subset of dudes who stalk the hampers of girls in their apartment basement laundry rooms, know that cotton is perhaps the premiere fabric for a woman's precious and intimate bits of clothing. Maybe I've just been suckered by all those moving cotton ads over the year. Either way, everything looks hella good on Miranda Kerr, second only to off of Miranda Kerr. Enjoy.

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