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Michelle Keegan Fine, Faptastic, and Fabulous in Wet Hot Swimsuit Pictures

I know some of you snicker when I talk about watching soap operas from around the world. Oh, yeah, I hear you. I'm like Superman when it comes to ridicule, I can hear snide remarks pretty much around the globe. I think it comes from my old man whispering derogatory comments into my ear as an infant. He did like to start the self-esteem bashing early. But, the point is, I hear the chuckles die down whenever I show you exactly what you just might be missing on the soapy telly.

Michelle Keegan for instance. All you Brits know her well, from Coronation Street and from your nightly fantasies that your wife or girlfriend or local do-gooding nun would slap you upside the head for if they could read your mind. Michelle Keegan is all kinds of wicked hot-bodied ripe and delicious, as evidenced most recently by her wet hot British summer swimsuit spread in Fabulous magazine. It's like she's talking to us through her body and she's saying something like 'ogle me closely and we'll both feel naughty together.' At least, that's what I'm hearing when I look. Enjoy.

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