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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Flaunts its Beautifully Bloody Curves Once More (PHOTOS)

The oft-lauded Metal Gear Solid series and its leitmotif of Tactical Espionage Action are taking a vacation of sorts for this one, it transpires. While the quintessential stealthy shenanigans are lounging prostate on the beach (ogling the boobs of the girl opposite with the aid of the ubiquitous tinted sunglasses that deceive nobody, at all, ever; even that blind chick's Seeing Eye Dog gave us the finger, inexplicably) between bouts of paunch-mitigating breath-holding, Revengeance will mark the release of a rather different confection. Here, the maxim has been amended to Ballbag-Stabbing Mass Evisceration Action, Of the Kind Which May Have Featured Arnold Schwarzenegger Before He Got as Old and Saggy as My Great Grandmother's Chest-icles.

A little protracted to fit on the front of the case, we'll concede; but it's certainly apt. As you'll see from the latest screens above, a set piece-laden action extravaganza festooned in blood and general viscera is imminent. Later this week, we will take a look at the series and just what Revengeance may herald; in the interim, gorge your squelching eyestalks on the pictures and anticipate a formidably visceral gaming shitstorm early next year.

Images provided by vg247.

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