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Lena Gercke Doubles Down in Red Bikini for Part 2 of This WAG's Beach Hotness

Well, she done went and changed into a new bikini, fiery red, so we are not quite done tracking Lena Gercke and her WAG-alicious visual delights along the South Florida coastline.

The hot model girlfriend of Real Madrid soccer star Sami Khedira continued to flash her sweet bosom and bottom combo in a bikini so red and so bright, men for miles around were instinctively stepping on their anatomical gas pedals (I know, the irony).

One day, we are going to be superstar athletes ourselves, and watch our hot model girlfriends prance out of the ocean in skimpy bikinis while we lounge in our beachside cabana drinking an ice cold Becks. Or, you know, keying Bud Lights from our dilapidated urban apartment balconies while watching the BBW sisters from 4B plant their Fall crocus bulbs in their impromptu dirt patch in the alley. Alas. Enjoy.

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