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Legend of Zelda's Navi and the Top 7 Most Useless Characters in Gaming

Hello again loyal readers!...and by 'loyal readers' I mean 'my mother and girlfriend'. Last week was pretty dark. We saw decapitations, eye gouging and all sorts of nastiness but today is another week and that means another list and a shiny new direction.

I wanted to brighten things up this week (somewhat) and tackle a subject that is close to my heart. Our world is facing a large scale crisis. It's a very serious topic and I'd like to just take a moment to share my thought on the matter. Games are meant to be forms of entertainment, comprised of a story filled with colorful characters. These characters are your vessels on your journey so they have to be someone you really want to be. In all honestly, game developers do a pretty good job shaping their main characters into people we'd actually want to play as but, for reasons we will never truly understand, they've also decided to stick characters in the game that have no place being there. They're annoying, they're frustrating and they're useless! But I digress...let's check out 'Legend of Zelda's Navi and the Top 7 Most Useless Characters in Gaming'

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