Kym Marsh Bikini Pictures Spotlight One Boobtastic Chickadee

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Well, in case you didn't receive your invitation, British type thespianic and sort of singer Kym Marsh is finally tying the knot after a four year dating and baby making venture with her boyfriend and even though she has other kids and a previous husband, I guess you still get a 'hen party' courtesy of your girlfriends, drinks, sunshine, strippers, down Spain ways.

But the bigger point is, we got to see Kym Marsh's ample bigger points in her bikini flittering around the hotel pool, getting her drink on, and imagining the pending bliss of a celebrity marriage, whose lifespans last from several months to several years potential depending on whose ego gets bruised first. Still, yep, those sweet bikini views. Enough to make you crow like a rooster. Enjoy.

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