Joanna Tuczynska and Lena Gercke Bikini Pictures Show the Fruits of Soccer Labor

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That's it. In my next life I'm coming back as a world-class soccer player. It was going to be rock musician, but I'm not really a night person and I'm scared of tattoo needles.

Joanna Tuczynska is a German model who canoodles with former German soccer star Lothar Matthäus, a solif quarter century older than herself, and young German model Lena Gercke is routinely bumping uglies with her home country current soccer stud, Sami Khedira, who plays for Real Madrid. Joanna was flashing her hot bikini body in St. Tropez, while Lena was showing off her WAG-wares in Miami. Both sweet hot models standing as sextastic symbols of the kind of fleshy pleasures that await the man who can kick the ball into the net.

Next life, it's all happening. Enjoy.

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