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Kendall Jenner Bikini Pictures Steal The Show Teen Nice And Twice

Looks like somebody is growing up Kardashian and that somebody is going to make herself (and her mafia family) a boatload of dollars.

Kendall Jenner hit the beach big time over the weekend in her now quite regular bikini displays, following in the tracks of her older half-sisters and I suppose leading the way for her newly born half-niece, who don't think at the tender age of less than a month hasn't already been given the Glengarry Glen Ross speech about her ABC's from grandma.

When land-bound, the tall teen model Kendall and her sister Kylie Jenner took to the malls and stores of Calabasas in gear that was tight enough to keep the paparazzi highly on their tail, or tails, which is the point, and why we can bring you such Jenner sights here today.

Youth will be served. Enjoy.

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