Katy Perry Flashes Her Moneymaking Cleavage at Sydney Premiere of Her Documentary

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Katy Cocktease made her way Down Under to the premiere of her new concert doc, Katy Perry: You Still Can't See My Tits in 3D, and my, did Katy bring her grade-A cocktease game.

Katy's banners were nearly fully unfurled, but, alas, never fully as she may die without ever going topless (I know we would die if she did) on the red carpet of the Sydney premiere of her movie where apparently Katy explains why her deep-seeded moral beliefs only allow her to be 98.2% nekkid in public, and only then when their is ample paid admission.

For all her faults, we still do so lust Katy Cocktease, but, seriously, Kate, show us your funbags! Enjoy.

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